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Brian KlassenPresident

Professional Background

With 31 years in the marketing and communications field, Brian has a lot of experience to draw on.

The first part of his career focused on solving brand problems through campaign development and design. More recently, he has focused on idea generation, brand development strategy and team leadership.

In his career, Brian has worked with many national and international advertising agencies spanning a number of market sectors including: agriculture, not-for-profits, associations, sports & entertainment, and finance.

Service Area

In addition to his internal roles running the company, Brian oversees and leads:

  • Idea generation
  • Brand development strategy
  • Instruction (teaching our Clarity+ course)

Be it a corporate or not-for-profit setting, Brian asks the right questions that lead to the best brand-building solutions.

Personal Interests

Family comes first for Brian. He puts a great deal of attention and energy into their lives and naturally finds them a great source of learning and inspiration.

Brian dabbles in various hobbies including: golf, motorcycling, triathlon, scuba diving, wake-boarding, construction, photography, fishing, wine, traveling and missions trips, but has he given up a couple things for his first love – being a father and husband :-)