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Andrew VanderPloegVP, Communications

Service Area

For more than 12 years, Andrew has served our clients with outstanding brand-centric solutions. His work has focused on the management of major technical initiatives (work that has garnered recognition from both the Webby and Davey awards), strategy for numerous branding/rebranding efforts, curriculum development and facilitation of our brand training program, Clarity+, and oversight of much of our own corporate communications.


Andrew primarily works with not-for-profit and faith-based organizations, including clients such as: Muskoka Woods Sports Resort, The Meeting House, Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada, and Camino Global, but he has also managed projects for corporate clients: West Elgin Mutual, TrojanUV, CrossCourt Volleyball, and YouTube star, Mike Tompkins.

Personal Interests

Andrew has always been an athlete and a fan. Specifically, he is an avid indoor volleyball player and coach, and enjoys golf in the 'always too short' Canadian summer months. As a fan, he is an outspoken supporter of Manchester United, and on the national level, Andrew harkens back to his Dutch roots and cheers for the Oranje at any and every opportunity.