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A strategic approach for a global ministry brand.

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Salvation Army Canada employees about 10,000 people and is supported by over 130,000 volunteers. In December 2015, the Army sought out leading agencies in Canada and the U.S. that could build an enterprise-level digital solution to support its scaling ministry. Up until that point, each department within the Army was building and maintaining their own digital solutions, meaning that efforts were being duplicated across all teams, and collaboration was thin.

In early 2016, Salvation Army hired Radiant to work with its entire Canadian team to come up with a digital solution that would allow for full collaboration, and maximum efficiency. Through a series of consulting and planning sessions, Radiant worked with the Salvation Army department heads to come up with a customized Radiant WebTools framework and UX metrics that met everyone’s expectations.

After 18 months of careful planning and execution, the Salvationist platform was launched, and now serves the entire organization and its constituents.

Geoff Moulton, Editor-in-Chief notes, “The Radiant WebTools-powered website is the result of the collaboration of more than a dozen THQ departments and sections to create a one-stop hub for internal news and information. Benefits of the new website include:

  • increased security
  • cost savings
  • mobile-friendly interface
  • accessibility compliance
  • elimination of redundancies
  • a better user experience as we integrate resources under one umbrella

It also allows each department/section the ability to update and manage their individual sub-sites.