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The Opportunity

Thirteen different departments, all with their own web presences and management portals. And yet, the Canada and Bermuda region of the Salvation Army is one team, working on the same mission, serving Salvationists as they minister to their communities. So, in 2016, the group sought a partner to help them centralize their websites and associated management – Radiant rose to the challenge.

The Approach

With so many groups involved, Radiant needed to sit down with all the departments to discuss and define the requirements for each site, providing a picture of what a common solution would need to offer in order to serve everyone.  The intention was to utilize the Radiant WebTools platform, but from our requirement definition process, it was clear that customizations would be required in order for all departments to function on the platform.

We worked to implement those customizations, which included changes to how the admin tools within the system function, as well as other updates that facilitated features needed on the front-end which users would eventually interact with (e.g. search, log in).

While our team got to work on implementing the customizations, the conversation with the departments changed to defining shared elements of the user interface, and then outlining what content and features were going to go on each page of the various websites, so that we could design each, mobile friendly, and AODA-Compliant  site.

One of the biggest benefits to bringing all the websites together is that it allowed the departments to share various resources, events, articles, and blogs. Instead of having to duplicate content in two distinct management systems, the content can be entered/added once, and then shared to the different websites. 

From a user’s perspective, the unification allowed us to build a shopping cart experience that they can use to navigate between departmental websites, adding resources to their cart that they can download in one-fell-swoop at the end, instead of having to download each file individually. These kinds of efficiencies in the user experience were very valuable additions for the departments.

The Results

A staggered launch of the thirteen departmental websites occurred throughout mid-2017. All sites were optimized for desktop and mobile environments, and AODA compliance. As a sample of the success stats we’ve seen on the website, year-over-year, they have seen the following increases on their site:

  • 9% increase in Page Views
  • 27% increase in Unique Views
  • 27% increase in Average Time on Page

In other words, more people, using more content, for longer. As a group of departments that seek to serve their constituency, in part through resources offered on their websites, these kinds of stats are sure signs of project success. 


Radiant continues to work with the Salvation Army to launch new departmental websites and tools, and to utilize user feedback to refine the existing tools. This platform is a living, breathing entity and as such, we’ll be continuing to work with The Salvation Army to maximize its effectiveness for many years to come.