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Camp Caroline

Using brand and technology to create unforgettable experiences.

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Located in the heart of Alberta, Camp Caroline is one of Canada’s premiere camp facilities. They are uniquely able to serve people by creating environments designed to encourage life-changing experiences. Through the ministry of hospitality, Camp Caroline strives to serve everyone with such excellence that their time at camp is free of any distractions or hassles, allowing them to focus on connecting with one another and with God.

Back in 2015, Camp Caroline approached Radiant to help them with their overall brand, mission, communications, and technology strategy. Following a number of on-site meetings and reports, Radiant put together a long-term strategy to move the brand forward. The overall plan includes an ongoing communications strategy, brand positioning, and a beautifully customized website, powered by Radiant WebTools. As part of the exercise, Radiant also presented a new tagline for Camp Caroline, which is now the pillar going forward: "Experience Unforgettable."

Over the last number of years, Radiant and Camp Caroline have continued to journey along with great success. Radiant is now Camp Caroline’s full-service brand, marketing and technology agency, and our partnership in the Gospel continues to grow. Each and every Camp Caroline experience is focused on Him, allowing all parties to confidently say "Camp Caroline is the place where you will Experience Unforgettable."