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Camino Global

127-year-old ministry embraces a mobile mindset, to reach a new generation of supporters.

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The Opportunity

No online shift has been quite so profound as the growth of mobile interactions between brands and their constituencies in the last five years. In light of that growth, it became clear to Camino Global that it was time to refresh its online presence in order to embrace new technologies that could facilitate constituency engagement and growth, both on desktop and mobile.

The Approach

In 2011, Camino Global entrusted Radiant to assist in the rebrand of the ministry from the ground up. A new name, logos for the Camino Global family of brands, corporate communications, print materials, display materials, and a new website, formed the basis of the new visual identity developed for the ministry.

Fast forward to 2016, and while five years may seem like a drop in the bucket for an organization that has been around for one hundred and twenty-seven years, when it comes to web design and development, it’s a long, long time.  And so, when it became clear to Camino Global that it was time to redesign its web presence to meet the new opportunities and challenges of current day web usage, for the third time, the ministry looked to Radiant to help develop the next iteration of its web presence.

Radiant worked with Camino and the team at WMTEK to create a fresh web presence that accurately reflected the brand identity we established in 2011, and integrated the latter group’s cloud-based, SiteStacker platform, to achieve the following goals for Camino Global:

  • Push the envelope from a design perspective to achieve a beautiful expression of the ministry’s heart and work.
  • Smooth the path for new ministry engagement (donations, prayer partnership, missionary interest)
  • Facilitate communications with the existing constituency

After conferring with the team at WMTEK about their needs, a template list was developed and we got to work, following the iterative design process that has been the backbone of our design work for more than 15 years.

We first pitched design ideas for the home page and presented them to both Camino Global and WMTEK for review and discussion, working together to refine and maximize the balance of beauty and function. Once the home page was finalized, we were then able to explore the remaining ten templates required for Camino’s SiteStacker implementation, iterating through feedback cycles to arrive at the final desktop and mobile designs for the new web platform.

The Results

The new Camino Global website launched in late 2017, and in the words of Camino Global’s Executive Vice President, Phil O’Day, “everyone on my team is very encouraged that we have hit and exceeded the goal of combining a continued commitment to a strong design aesthetic while embracing a new CMS and related toolset that God really seems to be using in the missions community.”

Since the launch, Camino Global has seen the following results:

  • 36% increase in average daily site visitors, year-over-year
  • Average time on site is up from :56 at end of 1st quarter 2017 to 1:15 at end of 1st quarter - a 33.9% increase.
  • A dramatic, 333% increase for average time spent on Giving-related pages (missionaries, projects, and payment checkout).
  • 25% increase in site visitors visiting with mobile or tablet, year-over-year
  • Missionaries and donors have commented how much better overall the experience is with this site viewed on a mobile device.
  • Donors have expressed appreciation for the ability to log in to view giving history and make changes to giving preferences. 


Radiant continues its involvement with Camino Global through the development of visual tools that serve to communicate Camino Global’s ministry work worldwide.