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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

It being Remembrance Day today, my thoughts go to my Mom.

My Mom grew up in Holland during the war. She was around 6 years old when she was sent away from her family by train all by herself to live with a farming family in the rural north of the country where conditions were safer – away from the bombing and most intense battles of urban areas.

She can remember occupying soldiers raiding the farmhouse she was living in looking for hidden Jews and as a result joining the family she was staying with as they rushed out of the farmhouse and ran through fields of haystacks as bullets flew right past her head.

She can remember becoming so sick and malnourished that she almost died but for the work of brave Red Cross workers.

And so today, as I think about the sacrifice of so many and what it means to me in particular, I think of my Mom. I think of the fact that but for the sacrifice of so many, and by God's good graces, my Mom might not be here today, living in Canada, in freedom...I might not be here today, living in Canada, in freedom.

What an amazing gift...

What an amazing responsibility...