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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Seth Godin had a great post last week called "Everyone is clueless". The post was all about how trying to appeal to an audience of "everyone" isn't a useful or even attainable goal.

This truth is applicable in all forms of marketing and communications but the one particular communications medium that came to my mind today was websites and specifically home page.

It's common to see websites with a home page that has so much going on that you can't make out what the site and the company or organization behind it are all about. And for those people that do know what the organization is all about and come to the site with a clear purpose, home pages can be so cluttered that they don't actually serve anyone in getting to the content they want.

So be strategic about your home page. It's a portal...keep it as such. Don't just think about all the messages you want to send to your site's visitors, think about who is visiting and then orient the site and related messaging towards those audiences. Often this is going to require triage on the content of the home page - you'll need to decide what elements most require immediate attention and then focus on those messages.

Being all things to all people just isn't going to work.