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What Is Driving You?

Posted by Brian Klassen

It’s been my experience that most organizations don’t consciously consider their brand as a major driver when making decisions in any area of the organization. Some organizations have leaders that encapsulate the brand (are the brand) and therefore naturally lead people down the road of brand-oriented decision making.

But what happens to those organizations that don’t have that type of leadership? What if the founder/strong leader has moved on and left others to figure things out? What then?

Those that are left must first discover for themselves what the brand represents. This is not found in the boardroom, but in the hearts and minds of those who interact with your organization. Once you have uncovered your brand identity, allow it to influence all decisions, not just communication decisions.

During the discovery process you are sure to uncover characteristics which were not on the radar. Understand that this is your brand and if it’s not what you had in mind or don’t want it to be, strong, strategic measures will have to be taken. Make those changes first (change from within) and then communicate second.