Four Pillars of Branding - Part 5 (Wrap-Up) - Radiant

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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

One of our in-house brand-gurus, Brian Klassen, shares his experience in branding and applies it to ministries via a 5-part series called: The Four Pillars of Branding.

So, the four pillars of effective brand development are Honesty, Quality, Consistency and Frequency. If you leave one of these out of the mix, you run the risk of being ineffective as a communicator.


Christ was a great example of each one of these characteristics. He knew what He was sent to do and never pretended to be anything else. His whole life reflected quality (never sinning, created the best wine, total healing of the sick, communicating to people where they were at, …) Because He knew what He needed to accomplish, He was disciplined and focused on putting all His energy towards accomplishing that task. Last but not least, He repeated his message over and over again for maximum effect.


As ministries, entrusted with the message of eternal life, we need to make every effort to be effective communicators. I believe that when we do that, God is more than willing to come along side and bless it.