Four Pillars of Branding - Part 3 (Consistency) - Radiant

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Posted by Brian Klassen

One of our in-house brand-gurus, Brian Klassen, shares his experience in branding and applies it to ministries via a 5-part series called: The Four Pillars of Branding.

As a ministry brand management company (sorry about the “B” word), you would expect us to say something profound and deep about how churches and ministries need to step it up in this area. Well, I’ll save that for another time (that is - the deep and profound part).

Consistency is one of the four pillars of a strong brand/image. This is not rocket science, yet so many creative providers and ministry directors want to create something “different” just for the sake of being different yet, there is so much room for creativity within the parameters of who you are.

Dig deep into the richness of your character and communicate that through creative consistency. It may be colours, it may be the tone of your words, it may be timing, it may be the medium you use, it may be a certain style of visual or it may be via a specific type face.

Don’t confuse those who want to listen to you. Don’t cloud the gates of credibility. Allow your audience to totally understand who you are through creative consistency.

Your brand will thank you.