Four Pillars of Branding - Part 2 (Quality) - Radiant

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Posted by Brian Klassen

One of our in-house brand-gurus, Brian Klassen, shares his experience in branding and applies it to ministries via a 5-part series called: The Four Pillars of Branding.

I love our clients. That may sound crazy...but I do. I think a big reason for this is their passion for quality.

Many years ago when Electricurrent was started, we realized the incredible lack of quality communications amongst churches and other ministries. Now, before you start writing in and telling me about the great things you are doing, I do realize that there are those doing some really great stuff as well. I’m just talking about the majority.

I realize that one’s definition of quality may also differ, but that’s no excuse for producing second-rate materials. A general rule of thumb is, those who are the judge of what is good and bad should have good taste and understanding, not an impressive name on the door.

So what am I really getting at here? Well, Electricurrent is not the only place you can go for quality communications and strategic advice. And while we would love to explore working with anyone reading this blog, at the end of the day, there are so many great groups out there including some individuals who are in your church or organization.

The bigger truth is that we want to see you all striving for a greater level of quality and realizing His blessings on your ministry. Not only will you realize the blessings, the people you engage to help you generate those quality communications will be blessed as they are using the gifts God has given them.