Four Pillars of Branding - Part 1 (Honesty) - Radiant

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Posted by Brian Klassen

One of our in-house brand-gurus, Brian Klassen, shares his experience in branding and applies it to ministries via a 5-part series called: The Four Pillars of Branding.

It’s been said that the new currency today in communications is honesty...I say it should have been this all along within the ministry sector.

Now, I’m not talking about out-and-out lying. I’m talking about being true to your brand/who you are. Electricurrent’s belief is that God made each ministry unique and special. He created your church or ministry to accomplish a certain task(s) in order to more effectively reach those who need Him.

The problem is that many of the churches and ministries out there don’t have a clear understanding of their calling and therefore, the representation of that calling via communications is all over the board (a reflection of their understanding).

Your brand/who you are should drive all such efforts. My advice would be to find someone within your ministry who has a good grasp on your brand and its direction (and understands what your audiences think of you), make that person the brand champion and give them the power to make decisions in regards to communicating the brand.

It just makes sense.