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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Blog Action Day BadgeLast week Thursday we participated in Blog Action Day - a day where bloggers across the world set down their day-to-day topics and focused in on the issue of Climate Change.

In contributing to this event, we joined with bloggers from 155 countries across six continents in reaching an estimated audience of 17.9 million people.

In the words of Robin Beck, Lead Organizer of Blog Action Day:

[We] change[d] the conversation and showed the power of the web to connect people across the world who despite their varied backgrounds have one shared desire: to make a difference. According to blogpulse, we increased the number of posts about climate change on a given day by 500%, and CNN wrote a great article covering the excitement and diversity of today's event across the web and around the world.

Blog Action Day is a wonderful example of the power of social media and a great way to get involved in issues we all grapple with in today's world. If you weren't involved this year, think about joining in on Oct 15, 2010 and be a part of this web-wide and world-wide voice!