AdvancedMinistry Media Player (AMP) Brings Podcasting - Radiant

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Posted by Ray Majoran

We are pleased to announce the official launch of AMP, AdvancedMinistry’s new media player!

AMP presents your users with an intuitive visual interface and provides a central resource for all of your media files.

Additionally, with the launch of AMP, we have opened up Podcasting to all Orange, Red, Blue and Purple Suite users. Using AMP, you can take any one of your media categories and make it “Podcast-enabled”. So in theory, you could have a separate Podcast for every ministry in your church!

For complete instructions on how to use AMP in relation to your media files, click here. At this point, the visual player is only available to users using AM 3.0 templates, however, the new Podcasting features are accessible on all templates.

AdvancedMinistry AMP Media Player