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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Rooted and Built Up DesktopA number of weeks ago, our design team came up with a few creative desktops for the Xpiritmental community. One of those desktops was an absolutely amazing image called “Thy Kingdom Come”. You can view it here.

As soon as that desktop was posted, I set it as my background and as I was doing so, I remember thinking to myself, those guys are really going to have to come up with something amazing to knock this off my desktop over the next few months. A few weeks later, to my surprise, it happened that a new desktop really caught my imagination and impressed me enough to switch over to it.

The desktop I'm referring to is called “rooted and built up” (seen above) and it's based on the verse, Colossians 2:7.

What I like about this image is that it's a different and creative approach to the design problem. As evidenced by the work you can see on Xpiritmental, our design team has a firm grasp on the art of creating an environment and visually communicating a concept through things like stock photography. But what you might not appreciate about the “rooted and built up” desktop is that it was developed entirely out of paper textures.

From an artistic perspective, this concept works to communicate being rooted and built up by using a tree and earth image. But the creativity in it extends not only to the visual communication, it went even further to the medium that was used to generate the image – paper.

Think about that for a second...and if you do, it might just strike you as it does me, how perfect a paper texture is to further augment this image. The image concept seeks to communicate a number of elements of nature, things that are tangible and real. In particular, it communicates the idea of being rooted and built up via a tree. What medium is better to communicate that concept than something as tangible and real as a paper texture? Not to mention the obvious fact that paper is a product of trees...

I love this kind of creativity and I hope that it inspires all of you as you think about how your ministry communicates itself through it's imagery. Being too literal with your messaging can often hurt your brand more than it helps. So strive to find those levels of creativity that will lend depth and breadth to the messaging.