Getting Practical: Using Facebook - Part 2 - Radiant

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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Yesterday, I tackled the first part of my response to the question: what is the value of creating a Facebook page for your organization given that you’ve already got a working, freshly updated website?

The second thing I wanted to say about this is that Facebook is by nature a relational platform – it’s all about connecting and relating with other people in a way that your website doesn’t. Obviously, your organizational website facilitates a relationship between you, the organization, and your audience(s). If you’ve got a more advanced site, there might even be some elements of interaction between the people that make up your audience, but in general, it’s a one-to-many relationship – Facebook takes it a step further.

Facebook profiles for individuals are by nature a mash of connections that people have with others they know. But more importantly, those networks are already established and flourishing. As such, it’s already set up to be a perfect vehicle for word-of-mouth which everyone knows is the best form of advertising because it’s real and it’s trusted.

If you can get one person to sign up as a fan or a member of your organization on Facebook, their friends will then see that reference as an endorsement of the quality of your organization. To put it in different terms, what this means is that every person that becomes a fan of your organization, by virtue of that small step to identify themselves as approving what it is that you do, is becoming an advocate on your behalf.

That is an endorsement that you can’t buy or convince people into – they genuinely have to like you and care about your organization which only lends credibility to your affiliation with them.

Powerful stuff.