Introducing Four New AdvancedMinistry Features - Radiant

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Posted by Ray Majoran

We are pleased to announce four new updates to AdvancedMinistry users that are using AM 3.0 templates! They include the ability to:

1. Add transparency to your columns. For example, if you had a blue column and wanted the background behind it to show through, you could set the Opacity of all components to 50%. (This feature is compatible with most newer browsers, i.e. Firefox 3+, IE8, Safari 3+, etc.)

2. Change the number of primary items that appear in your menu. Before, you were limited to 8 total menu items. You now have control of how many items you want to be displayed. (Be careful not to increase it by too much or your navigation may overlap. It’s in your control.)

3. Position the Home button wherever you want it. Yes, this has been a long-awaited feature! No longer does the Home button need to be the last item in your navigation. You can now make it the first item or remove it all together – it’s up to you.

4. Remove the text links (footer) at the bottom of the page. This is handy for people that don’t want their menu repeated. The AdvancedMinistry logo will still appear at the bottom of your site. Note: If you are an organization that really doesn’t want the AM logo on your site, you can now pay a $10 per month service fee to have it disabled. The reason for this fee is because we rely on this logo/link to promote AdvancedMinistry to other churches and ministries; it’s our way of minimizing fees (to you, the user). That said, if you really don’t want it, this option allows you to have it removed.

Enjoy the new features! If you’re not using an AM 3.0 template yet, click here for more info.