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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

This morning, we received a trouble ticket from one of our AdvancedMinistry clients indicating that the system was telling him that he had 5,000 MB instead of the 500 MB he originally signed up to receive. This was of course no mistake at all as it was due to the big upgrade that we did to the system last week which gave all our AdvancedMinistry clients a big boost in the file space available to them.

After responding to this customers concern and letting him know the good news, he responded with the following comments:

“No way! I was just thinking about how we really needed a lot more space and just don't have the money for it right now. Thanks a lot guys. You have all really been helpful as we've planted this church. We started in February with 6 people and now have around 180 people each Sunday. We have not passed out a single flier, just let people know about the website. This easy to navigate and update back-end has made it possible for me - the only paid staff and church planter - to keep our people and those interested in us up to date and informed. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again.”

The reason I share this with you all today is to key in on the amazing fact that this person started in February with 6 people attending his church and in 7 months, with no advertising to speak of other than the site itself, the church has grown to 180 people. That is an awesome story and one which reinforces for us the power of the web as a tool in a church's communications arsenal.