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A Fundamental Shift

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

I often hear people say stuff like “I don’t get Twitter” or “I don’t understand how Facebook could help my organization”.

And in all honestly, I can understand that sentiment because a fundamental shift in how you think about communications is required in order for a person to appreciate the opportunities that properties like this offer.

The most powerful thing that you can have in your communications arsenal these days is the realization that your marketing and advertising efforts are not simply tantamount to you shouting out to the world through a bullhorn. It’s far more strategic than that.

It’s about listening and learning about what’s going on “out there” in the world and coming to an understanding of where your advocates are. By that I mean that each organization needs to find the group of individuals that are already primed to be massive advocates of what it is that you’re doing and then resource and facilitate those people as brand advocates. This is word-of-mouth 101 and goes back to the very beginnings of marketing and advertising.

The difference today though, is that if you’re willing to put in the leg-work, the web, and in particular properties like Twitter, give you the ability to find those advocates and create a mutually beneficial relationship with them.