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Public Relations Tip - HARO

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

HARO LogoSo here’s a really practical tip for you to help with your Public Relations efforts:

Its one thing to fire out press releases for all of the stuff you’ve been busy with and since it’s such a basic thing, it’s probably a good idea to do it – we still do.

But the problem with press releases is that everyone knows that it’s simply a document that organizations write about themselves in the third-person in order to grow their brand, which can make it seem disingenuous.

What’s more real and impactful is to be the kind of organization that others, like reporters, go to when they have questions about the sector that you are in. The challenge here is how to become that kind of organization. Enter HARO – or, as it’s known in full, Help A Reporter Out.

HARO is a simple service that allows you to sign up as an organization that is willing to help a reporter with a story. On the other side, reporters sign up and submit short descriptions of the story they are working on and the kind of experts they need to interview to garner research and quotes for their article, story or book.

It’s a free service that sends an email to your inbox three times every work day for you to scan through for any pieces that you are qualified to speak to and that by contributing, helps your brand.

Check it out. Like I said, it’s free!