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Posted by Ray Majoran

As the clock turns towards midnight, Apple users from around the world get ready for the official release of Snow Leopard, Apple’s latest operating system release. The new OS provides 64-bit functionality, which in layman’s terms means more speed and is set to offer support for Microsoft Exchange users. [Click here for the full review from CNet]

Snow Leopard - Apple OS X

As a user that has gone back and forth between Windows and Apple, I always find it exciting (and scary) when major companies launch new releases of operating systems. It’s exciting because it provides something new, something fresh. It’s scary because although it’s been tested by thousands of users, it has greater potential to have flaws and security holes. At the end of the day though, most people are willing to enter the unknown and take their chances. The thrill of something new drowns out risks involved.

I think that principle is generally true of our culture. We are always ready to move on to the next big thing, even if what we are currently using is working just fine. Some call it advancement while others would call it stupidity. Whatever you want to call it, the fact of the matter is – it is happening. For Apple users, that next phase begins tomorrow.

My copy is in the mail.