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The Communication Mullet

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Andre AgassiRemember Andre Agassi’s hair from the 90’s? If I recall correctly, he was quite the looker to the ladies back in the day. But I can tell you this, if he was to sport that style today…well…not so much.

I mention this because, well, for one, I love the opportunity to post a picture of a mullet on this blog, but more importantly, it illustrates a point that I want to make today.

Interests, fads and culture change over time – this is a truism that I’m sure we can all agree on. But even though it’s something that we can all agree on, ministry communications don’t always seem to be put through the filter that that truism presents.

One of the reasons this doesn’t happen is because it is typical human behavior to be so involved with your work for such a long time that you forget what that work looks like from the outside. As a result, we neglect to act on the fact that we have a tendency to forget what our work looks like to our audience, and we fall out of touch with them.

How we avoid this is by regularly reviewing where our communications are at with our audience(s). Staying in touch with them will help us to stay sharp in communicating to them in ways that will impact them instead of producing communications that should have both feet firmly planted in the early 90’s.