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Champion Challenger

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Champion Challenger is a process that we sometimes use with our custom clients to determine how to improve a given page or action item on a website.

The basic idea is to setup two versions of a page, or change the users experience in some way, and then divert portions of your web traffic to one or the other while measuring your rate of return on both pages. The champion is the existing page that has proven itself previously and the challenger is a new page that contains some sort of difference from the champion. If the challenger succeeds, then it becomes the new champion and the process is repeated.

For instance, recently, we began an ad campaign for one of our clients on a popular website. When the ad first went up, we directed people from the ad to our client’s home page. At that point, the average daily sign-ups resulting from that ad were around 20. Last night, we changed that process and made the ad link to a different page on the website which resulted in 8 signups within the first 45 minutes. Now, this isn’t a complete process yet, but the early signs are pretty clear that the challenger is significantly more effective in translating people from simply a web visitor into a sign-up.

It all comes down to removing the barriers for people. The presumption is that if they clicked on the ad, they actually wanted to engage our offering and so that being the case, it was incumbent upon us to ensure that they could get to that engagement as quickly and easily as possible so as to ensure a positive experience on our site.

Champion Challenger is a great tool in the arsenal of anyone who is trying to determine how to improve a measurable goal on a website or even in print or with processes within your office.