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Know When To Hold 'Em

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

I wonder at times about the fact that our culture is producing more and more people who are Starters and not Finishers. You know what I mean – those people that have great ideas and can kick them off the ground but 1-2 years in, they feel they’ve taken the organization as far as they can and move on.

The question that runs through my mind is how many of them actually are just Starters or have they just confused being a Starter with having a short attention span?

The same thing happens in communications. You can see it happen all the time where a company launches a new campaign, runs it for a while but then gets bored of it and wants to change direction. Meanwhile, at the same time that the people in the organization were getting tired of the ad or campaign, the audience they were trying to reach was just starting to really engage the campaign. By shutting it down early, they devalue all the hard work that went into the campaign. 

As Kenny Rogers likes to sing: “You got to know when to hold ‘em” and “know when to fold ‘em”.