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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

SquirrelWas sent this photo today as found in a story on the Telegraph (UK) website about a couple who set up their camera to take a picture of themselves visiting Banff National Park, Canada. Apparently, this squirrel wanted in the shot and the camera obliged by auto-focusing on him.

After a good laugh, what crossed my mind was how this squirrel is such a great example of what a lot of church and ministry communications are like – interruptions. And even though interruptions can be useful, they are never neutral in their impact – they either work, or they fail. Because any brand impression that leaves no impression doesn’t help your brand, it only helps to communicate that your organization is yet another church or ministry in the plethora of churches and ministries out there. It doesn’t distinguish you, it lumps you in with everyone else.

Unless of course, you can find a way to be like this squirrel and interrupt in a way that leaves a lasting impression.