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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Twitter LogoI’ve been noticing something anecdotally lately that’s had me thinking. I keep getting the impression that young people just aren’t that into Twitter. Of course, there’s no doubt that they are all over Facebook (more than 50% of Facebook users are under 24), but Twitter just doesn’t seem to be a real draw for them. Then today I read that the sub-24 demographic only accounts for 16% of Twitter users.

I suppose that the reasons for this are many and varied. I also think that it’s very likely that Twitter will start to grow in this key demographic as compelling content is generated on that medium for young people. But as things stand now, teens and young adults just aren’t camping out on that property.

So what does this mean for churches and ministries? I think it means that we can’t presume that just because Twitter is the “newest, big Internet thing”, that young people are all over it. We have to be wise with where and how we try to connect with people, because let’s face it, creating any relationship is a time-consuming task and the demands on our time are already excessive.

So, while I acknowledge that stats don’t tell every story and therefore I'm sure there will be exceptions, at this point in time, dropping into Twitter with the expectation that you can connect with your youth group or youth from the community might be analogous to trying to reach that same group at a Gaither gathering – ain’t gonna happen.

As such, your time might be better spent creating and spending time each day on Facebook.