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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Today I'm offering a general tip that might help a lot of people.

If you own a cell phone or smart phone that runs on the GSM network, you will undoubtedly have experienced what I like to refer to as "THE BUZZ". It is an absolutely maddening buzz that the phone generates in speakers when it is transmitting data near them. The problem is quite easily fixed on computer speakers and such by simply clamping what's called a snap choke core on the wire leading to your speaker. But in the case of your car, applying such a device to the speaker wires isn't feasible.

Enter this suggestion that I found today on the web (we don't normally like to link off to other sites for our videos because we can't control what's around the video or introduces it, this is too good not to risk - so please bear with us - if there is an intro and you don't want to see it, there is a skip link at the bottom of the video):