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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

If you as a ministry or non-profit are thinking about starting a blog or a Twitter account, the very first thing you need to ask yourself is: Why? What is your hope in starting to use social media? If you’re doing it simply because the big Churches, ministries and non-profits are doing it and guys like me are telling you that you should – then don’t.

I say this because if you don’t truly understand the power of social media and don’t value it yourself, you’ll never commit to it and the worst thing that you could do is to start a blog and then abandon it. I saw an example of that today. A Church had a blog on their site which has one post - from months ago.

They don’t get it - and as a result, they would have been better off sticking to what they are passionate about. That doesn’t change the fact that they should get it – in 2009, they should. But if you, like many other churches out there know that you don’t get it and won’t commit to it – then walk away…or better yet, learn enough to understand the power of these new tools and get passionate about it. Then you’ll not only be starting for the right reasons, you’ll be committed because of them too.