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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Bricks and MortarWhat is a website?

I’m sure there’s lots of ways to answer this question but the idea that I want to key in on today is the fact that your website is not all that different from your physical office or church building.

Even though many in ministry circles still think of the Internet as a new-fangled contraption that doesn’t result in a whole lot of value for anyone, the reality is quite different. Websites should be in your mind, just as foundational to your organization as your bricks-and-mortar location. It is the face of your organization online and it can facilitate many valuable congregational interactions that could be really engaging and inviting for a viewer/visitor hitting your site.

So the questions that this leaves me asking are:

  • Do you only have old bulletins with outdated event info on them to hand out to Sunday service attendees?
  • Does your organization have a rickety door that’s so old and broken down that it’s nearly impossible to enter the building?
  • Does the sign on the front lawn of your church list an old pastor’s name or neglect to mention the service times?
  • Is it painfully evident from the state of your office building that you just don’t really care?

I’d hope that the answers to the questions above would be a resounding no. Assuming that’s the case, then the subsequent set of questions that needs to be asked is:

  • Why does your website have outdated event information on it?
  • Why is your site so old that it’s no longer compliant with major browsers allowing visitors to easily navigate through?
  • Why are there pictures of staff and members that are months or years out of date?
  • How is it that in the year 2009, you do not have a website that reflects your heart to do all things to the best of your ability for the sake of the Kingdom?

Don’t get me wrong, God will work in people’s lives often in spite of our best efforts – but that does not remove from us the responsibility to do our best in all that we do – especially with something as bricks-and-mortar as your website.