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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

World Relief Canada Logo

Today I have the happy opportunity to announce the launch of the new World Relief Canada (WRCanada) website at:

The launch of this site is the culmination of a year of effort as we worked with World Relief Canada to define, design and develop the site in such a way that it would represent and facilitate the important work they do.

And although we deeply value each of our clients, it’s always incredibly inspiring to us to be able to be of service to an organization that has Mission and Vision statements like this:

Mission – World Relief Canada’s Mission is to respond to the relief and development needs of the world’s poor in the name of Jesus Christ, through our global network of Christian organizations, in partnership with Canadian and overseas Churches.

Vision - World Relief Canada’s Vision is to see people responding, with compassion and justice, to the needs of the poor, oppressed and suffering in ways that bring healing and transformation in the world’s poorest communities.

The inspiration that we derive from working with an organization like this has led to a site that we are extremely proud of and are confident will serve World Relief Canada well.

I’d encourage any readers of this blog to check the new website out - not just to see the design and development work that we’ve done – but to also take in some of the information about the great work that World Relief Canada is doing across the globe, and to be encouraged and challenged by content such as the Poverty Perspective and CEO, Laurie Cook’s own personal blog. I’m confident you will be impacted.