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Single Point of Contact

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

One of the things that makes alarm bells go off in our minds early in a project is when a client indicates that we can talk to so-and-so for technical questions and so-and-so for design/brand related issues and so-and-so for any and all billing requests...nightmare on the horizon.

The first reason that this is a challenge is that having multiple points of contact basically ensures that communications will be lost throughout the process. We communicate something to one person and the message never gets passed along. This often leads to duplicated messages or conversations which is time consuming for both parties.

The second concern with this is that having multiple points of contact often leads to contrary requests being placed. While we do consider part of our job to help our clients distill information down and filter it through their brand platform, at the end of the day, our hope is to teach the principals of brand-minded decision-making so that the client becomes self sufficient in this area to a greater degree and can manage their own communication and decision flow without day-to-day involvement on our part.

Giving your vendor multiple points of contact is a sure-fire way to ensure that communications will be lost or confused and that directives given to the vendor will start to conflict. Just as with the management of your brand, having one person set up as the single point of communication flow will only help to ensure that your relationship with your vendor works smoothly.