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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

About three months ago I set out to go from "guy who has never distance-run in his life" to guy that runs for 30-minutes solid. The process took 10 weeks and a few weeks back when I finally achieved the end goal, the sense of accomplishment was awesome. It's something that I'm now taking into further running and fitness goals including the crazy idea of cutting my coffee consumption cold-turkey starting today and hopefully by the end of the summer, running 5k in 25 minutes. I tell you all that though not to highlight my achievements but to reinforce how important goal-setting is - I'm sure that without a goal, I would still be nowhere near running 30 minutes solid which I can do with ease now.

And I'm also sure that when I start to talk about how important goal-setting is for an organization, that many of you will mentally check-out thinking "yeah, yeah, I know...that's so obvious". But the problem is that it's so often the obvious things that get lost in our day-to-day work.

Last week, Seth Godin had a great post about setting goals. Have a read...it's worth it.

What is/are your goals? Just as importantly, if you have them written out somewhere, when was the last time to referred to them?