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Posted by Ray Majoran

The last few weeks at Electricurrent have been very exciting. A few weeks ago, we asked AdvancedMinistry users to complete an online survey letting us know what they liked and didn’t like about AdvancedMinistry. Last Thursday, the Task List was announced and our work began!

Well today, I am pleased to announce the first Beta of AdvancedMinistry 3.0, which enables you to customize your own template including site dimensions, number of columns, fonts, titles, colors, background images, headers and more. AM 3.0 is part of our continued effort to bring you a platform that is always advancing and improving.

To customize your template, login to your account and click on "Choose My Template". From there, choose "AM 3.0 (BETA) - My Customized Designs".  Then just give your template a name and you're all set! You can save as many custom templates as you want so that you can switch between them at any time. As always, you can still go back to a predefined AdvancedMinistry template whenever you wish.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be building on AM 3.0 Beta and adding even more features, including an online tutorial for the Customized Designs module.

Stay up-to-date on what we are working on through our real-time task list.

God bless!

(Screen capture below)

AM 3.0 Beta Screenshot