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YouTube Video Tip #2

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Back in February I posted a tip that had to do with YouTube videos. It was a parameter that you can add to the code snippet from YouTube that keeps related videos from showing up at the end of the video when you've posted it on your blog/website. From the comments it seemed to be of some help to a few of our readers so I thought it would be a good idea to add another tip.

In a similar fashion to the previous tip, if you add &start=15 to the end of the URL that you copied and pasted from YouTube, when a user presses play to view the video on your site it will start the video at the 15 second mark. This is less an issue when the thing you want people to see in the video is actually only 15 seconds in, but when it's 2 minutes in, by just changing the 15 to a 120 (the start value is in seconds), you ensure that your site visitors get to the pertinent content right away.