Godwitter, Electricurrent & Xpiritmental: Part 2 - Radiant

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Posted by Ray Majoran

As promised, I wanted to finish responding to Jason’s comment on the Godwitter post.

Let’s start with Electricurrent, or EC as we refer to it around here. Electricurrent is the ministry/non-profit arm of Gateseven Media Group Inc. EC provides brand management services like brand development, logo design, print design, web design & development and strategic planning for marketing/advertising campaigns to organizations like: World Relief Canada, Teen Challenge, The Salvation Army, Alpha Canada and more recently, The Meeting House. The other arm of Gateseven Media Group Inc. is Bark Communications which services for-profit organizations like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Bayer (Environmental Sciences), NBA and Ontario Mutuals. But all those names boil down to the same team of individuals who provide the same services to both sets of clients.

The reason for the separate brands is as follows. Up until three years ago, we were solely and legally known as Electricurrent and both sets of clients were lumped together under one umbrella/portfolio. About four years ago, we started to get feedback from our corporate clients saying that they were concerned about having their names on a portfolio with so many ministry organizations as they need to be careful not to be perceived as supporting or being aligned with a given religious group. So we honored our relationships with those organizations by creating the separate brands.

But l want to be really clear in communicating that even though our names changed, our hearts did not.

In absolutely every aspect of the work that we do, we aim to impact the lives of those around us for the sake of the Gospel. When we deal with non-Christian organizations (both for and not-for-profit), we seek to live, act and speak in a way that shows Christ to those organizations and we don’t shy away from the fact that we are Christians, as evidenced by the fact that I’m writing and posting this blog on the Internet where it could easily be found by any of our Bark clients. And when we deal with Christian organizations, we consider it our job to help them succeed in their ministry even if that means saying something tough – like in my original Godwitter post.

The other thing that needs to be considered about Electricurrent is that we have and continue to employ non-Christians, and as God leads, we will always continue to do that.

As far as Xpiritmental is concerned, this is where I think Jason’s concern probably has the most chance at applying. Xpiritmental is a community of people that for all intensive purposes are very likely all Christians. But there is a significant difference between the purpose of Xpiritmental as compared to what’s going on at Godwitter. Godwitter is a direct copy of a generic social media platform. It doesn’t add anything new or different it just serves to provide people with a Christian version of an existing platform that works just fine. The only common theme that brings people together on Godwitter is that it’s “Christian”.

The common theme on Xpiritmental though is very different. As I’ve already said, yes it’s probably 100% Christians, but the purpose of Xpiritmental is to further facilitate an already existing community of people who are either clients of Electricurrent or Electricurrent’s product, AdvancedMinistry. I think that makes the comparisons with Godwitter completely moot. We don’t provide a “Christian” alternative to another blog just like ours with the goal of segregation. We’re providing more resources to our existing community – so that they can go out and get their message to the world, which by the way most often includes the message of Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.