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Posted by Ray Majoran

Thanks to everyone who has completed the AdvancedMinistry survey to date! We have received a tremendous amount of feedback and encouragement, for which we are very grateful.

As we continue to dream about the future of AdvancedMinistry, we would love to hear from you if you haven’t yet completed the survey. We’ve noticed some common elements within the submissions so far, and we’re looking for more. Here are a few of the improvements that have been requested thus far:


  • Create an easier way to manage the homepage (which also includes separating the current tie between one’s navigation and repositioning homepage elements)
  • Ability to expand the menu system (i.e. in some cases it would be great to have one more menu item on the homepage)
  • Ability to remove / reposition the HOME button on a website
  • Simplify (for non-techies) the Admin Panel
  • Add spell check
  • Ability to change the date format (especially for UK customers)


  • More template options (including the ability to change fonts / background colors / number of columns)
  • More / better templates
  • Ability to have a fully customized template (see AMDL)
  • Better template compatibility with the IE8 browser


  • Ability to have recurring events
  • Ability to change the colors of the new calendar


  • Ability to delete an entire photo album
  • More media integration (i.e. flash / media players)
  • More options available for Podcasting (instead of having to sign up for the Purple Suite)


  • Ability to print forms, export all entries and archive forms for later use (so that they can be re-activated)
  • Ability to receive payments through the Forms Wizard.


  • Ability to purchase downloadable material (i.e. audio / video)


  • More social networking elements (i.e. Facebook)
  • Ability to feature an actual blog post on the homepage


  • Ability to “jump to a page” in the thumbnail gallery instead of scrolling one page at a time


  • Make the newsletter engine a little more intuitive


  • Tutorials built into each section (including a “Getting Started” tutorial)
  • A spot on the website with helpful tips (on top of the newsletter that gets sent every week); i.e. embedding YouTube/Flash files, photo editing, etc.
  • A little bit better responsiveness when it comes to submitting a support ticket
  • Offer paid telephone support


  • Ability to remove “Powered by AdvancedMinistry” at the bottom of the page (even if costs a small fee)
  • Find out “What’s New” in AdvancedMinistry (as that section has disappeared)
  • Ability to purchase individual components rather than upgrading an entire suite (i.e. Store)
  • Ability to have custom meta tags on a page-by page basis

The deadline to complete the survey is next Tuesday, May 26, at which point we will begin knocking out walls and getting to work. Thanks for your continued support and feedback. We are here to serve!