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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Tweetdeck LogoFrom time-to-time we throw out recommendations on Xpiritmental for applications that we are big fans of. Today I am taking the opportunity to hail the merits of TweetDeck.

I finally broke and created a Twitter account a few months ago and started Tweeting ( After about a dozen tweets, I went silent – I literally didn’t know what to tweet about. Then, about three and-a-half weeks ago, I installed TweetDeck and my Twittering took off. Reinforcing what I said in part 2 of my blog series on writing, listening to what others are saying and how they use Twitter inspired me in my use of it.

Beyond some issues with it not playing well on a system with multiple monitors, I love this program. I was never a fan of the look of the Twitter website and thanks to the column-layout in TweetDeck, I can see the tweets of the people I follow, the replies that I get, the Facebook status updates that happen for all my FB friends and I’m able to update my FB status simultaneously to posting a tweet.

Truly a case of having the right tool for the job.