Strategy of Writing - Part 2 (Listening) - Radiant

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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

We didn’t start Xpiritmental until after I had spent about a year regularly reading a number of blogs by authors in varied industries/spaces. It’s not that spending a year reading blogs is necessarily a mandatory precursor to starting a blog, but to some degree, a healthy dose of listening needs to be part of your prep before you start talking – and if it’s not obvious, it also needs to be an ongoing part of your social media strategy.

It’s a general truism that listening breeds wisdom and as such can only help with our communication. But with regards to social media writing, listening also has the very practical outcome of helping you train your mind to see a blog post or tweet in everyday situations. So many times in our lives, we can get on auto-pilot and sail through a day without thinking or learning from the day’s events. But if you read the posts of the most influential bloggers out there, you begin to pick up on a trend that they have established in their lives and writing – that is, that they have attuned their minds to what’s going on around them and really think about/apply those experiences.

This isn’t to say that you’ll never have writers block – from time-to-time I have days or weeks where writing something for this blog is a difficult task. That’s when I’m thankful that my year of listening led me to this post.

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