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Posted by Ray Majoran

GodwitterLet me pre-empt this post by saying that I am good friends with Greg Gordon, founder and creator of SermonIndex.com, a great resource for downloading audio and video sermons. Yesterday Greg sent me a link to his latest project “Godwitter”, a knock-off of the popular social media site, Twitter. Our Facebook conversation went like this:

Greg: Coming soon! http://www.godwitter.com/ The Christian Twitter. Signup and beta test this, saints. Post bugs and things that don’t work.

Ray: Is this for real or is this a joke?

Greg: Ray this is the real thing :)

Ray: :) No comment. :)

Greg: Let’s see Ray join this godwitter.com thing and share his comments :)!

Ray: Greg... I LOVE SermonIndex but I cannot support Godwitter. I'm happy to share my comments, but I'm afraid it would be more of a rant, probably better done between 2 brothers and a cup of coffee. :)

<end Facebook conversation>

Greg and I got on the horn a little later on and we had a conversation about my concerns with Godwitter, and if I were to be completely honest, Christians as a whole. In Greg’s words, “"wittering could be the next stage in the social media status update war." I’m not so sure; the jury is out for me.

In our chat, we talked about the idea of me discussing our conversation in a blog post and he gave me his blessing and encouraged me to do so.

So here are some of the concerns that I raise:

1. The church seems to have the inability (in most cases) to come up with it's own ideas.... GodTube, Godwitter.... for anything that has done well in the secular side, you can pretty much guarantee that a "God version" of it is coming out soon. I’m not saying that these services don’t provide value, but the lack of creativity shown by the very people whom God has called and equipped to be creative disheartens me! It’s one thing to build upon ideas that the world has generated, but it’s another thing to copy something just because of its popularity and stick the word “God” in front of it. Not only might you get sued, but it also provides a saddening representation of one’s viewpoint toward Christians as a whole.

Years as a Christian vs. Number of Non-Christian Friends (Graph)2. As Bill Hybels notes in his book “Just Walk Across the Room”, as Christian's increase in years, their number of non-Christian friends decrease at a rapid pace. (I may also argue that in looking at that graph, it would seem to me that we’ve completely gone astray in modeling a life after Christ… but we’ll save that for another post!) Twitter and Facebook are one of the few tools out there that enable Christians to build relationships with their non-Christian friends.

More and more, Christians are finding unique ways of segregating themselves from the rest of the world, completely forgetting that Christ dined with sinners. I believe that we need to find more ways to communicate and evangelize with non-Christians... not build "Christian-only communities" that discourage interaction with people that don’t know the Lord.

I’ll stop there… I think that’s enough to chew on for one day. Thanks again to Greg for allowing me to post this conversation in a public forum! He’s undoubtedly agreed to allow it because he’s humble enough to understand how these kinds of conversations can help us sharpen each other in our respective callings. I applaud his example of willingness to be open and I hope to be as receptive to any feedback from Greg or any of the readers of this blog that might come as a result of this post.

P.S. I came across a site the other day that is a great illustration of what happens when Christ-followers get creative and do the best they can for the sake of the Gospel – www.iamsecond.com… a great example of the work of Christ in people’s lives!