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Posted by Ray Majoran

Twitter and AdvancedMinistryWell, it’s not typical for us to upload two blog posts on the same day, but since it’s Casual Friday (and we had to show you the Worst Fight Scene Ever), we’ll make an exception.

I am pleased to announce that you can now keep all of your users up-to-date on your Twitter status through your website. This means that any time you make an update on Twitter, it will immediately reflect on your AdvancedMinistry website (if you choose to do so).

To begin, login to your AdvancedMinistry account and scroll down to Twitter Updates. Edit your Twitter Settings to the way you want them and then enable the page on your website.

Inevitably, I know there are some of you out there that will say, “I just have a Facebook page… but not a Twitter account”. Although we’ve opted not to integrate Facebook statuses, there are many ways in which you can get all of your Facebook updates sent over to Twitter in real-time, which will then display on your website. We’ve created a support article for some options.

Enjoy your weekend!