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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Spelling and Grammar at the PumpsYesterday, our AdvancedMinistry support team received the following email:

I was just looking at the [client name] website in [city name]... Is there a way to tactfully fix their blaring typos, misspellings and grammatical errors? It completely hinders their credibility as intelligent life. If you carefully read it, you'll see it's BAAAAD.

I’ve left the ministry name out of this for the obvious reason of not wanting to publicly call out any one organization. However, in spite of what can be taken as a somewhat sarcastic comment about the "credibility as intelligent life" of the ministry in question, the author of this email makes a good point.

Seeing employees and volunteers of ministries and non-profits, let alone leaders and executives of those organizations, writing copy at a grade 4 or lower level definitely does make you look like you aren’t all that intelligent. As a result, what you are trying to say doesn’t come across with any kind of authority. Sadly, it feels like this is becoming a bigger and bigger issue and I don’t doubt that a lot of this comes down to laziness in not running a spelling/grammar check in your word processor and then spending the time after to re-read your copy before sending or posting it - word processors are fallible!

My post yesterday, talked about giving our best in the design of our communications, but it doesn’t really stop there does it? Taking the time to ensure that you are doing the best job you possibly can on what you are writing will go a long way to clearer communication. Undoubtedly, the kinds of messages that you (our not-for-profit and ministry clients), bring to your audiences warrant that kind of attention.