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Posted by Ray Majoran

Free Books and MusicIn these times of economic uncertainty, AdvancedMinistry would like to help make sure that your book and music budget don’t feel the brunt of cutbacks. So for the next 15 days, we will give your organization a $5 gift card for every church or ministry that signs up to AdvancedMinistry because of you… even if they sign up to use the Free Suite!

Now that doesn’t mean that you can go nuts and sign up your youth group, your pet “Spot” and your high school music band (and expect $5 per referral), but it does mean that for every legitimate signup that you send our way, we’ll compensate you with gift cards for music and books.

For all of the rules and details of this promotion, click here. Please note that you have to have an AdvancedMinistry account to participate. If you don’t already have an AdvancedMinistry website, click here.