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Paul Mawdsley Introduction

[Recently, we embarked on our first ever co-op experience with Paul Mawdsley, a Grade 12 student from South Secondary School here in London, ON. Paul is considering getting into marketing and his ultimate goal is to work for a Major League Baseball team, ideally the Toronto Blue Jays. From time-to-time, we hope to feature some of Paul’s thoughts on Xpiritmental. As a kick-off though, here’s an introductory post that talks about how Paul is addressing the big decisions that this time of life has brought to him.]

A little over a month ago, my guidance councilor made me aware that I did not have enough University level credits to get into University next year. After hearing the news, I spent a day or so deciding what I needed to do: whether it be to drop my co-op and pick up two University credits or just go back to high school next year. I decided to go back for another year and continue on with my co-op here at Gateseven.

Since I was not going to University next year, it meant that I was not under as much pressure to work full-time during the summer. This also allowed me to go on a ten day mission/conference trip to Washington, DC. It seemed so coincidental that I did not have the right credits to get in to University and that this trip had been double booked so then I was able to get a place.

It seemed like God was calling me to go to DC and to experience firsthand the hardships of some of the people who have become homeless or have been homeless for a while. This seemed like a place where God could use me to spread his glorious love to these people.

This is where it gets confusing. On March 2, I got home from school and saw a package on the computer desk with my name on it. I quickly ripped it open and found inside that I had been accepted to go to the University of Laurentian.

I did not think of it right away, but what would this mean regarding my plans this summer? Did God change his mind on what he needs me to do? What do I do?

All I guess all one can really do is talk with God and hope that he shows you the way. Also, I would like to follow what God has in store for me and not end up in a ‘Jonah’ situation.

Any advice or comments are always appreciated.