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Deadline Day

NHL Deadline DayToday is a big day, an exciting day and a nervous day for many people in and spectators of the NHL.

After 3pm this afternoon, hockey teams will no longer be able to make trades until the Stanley Cup is awarded sometime this summer. Why is this such a big deal? For some teams it’s a last chance to strengthen their roster to make a run at a championship, for others it’s a chance to set themselves up to be more competitive in the future and for some teams it’s a chance to dump their problems on someone else.

I, like many people in North America, am keeping a window from / open in the corner of my monitor today to see all the exciting things that will transpire. In the next 5 hours some teams will be greatly transformed.

Realizing this got me thinking how much some lives will change today. In an instant the players involved in these trades must completely uproot their lives and families and start over in a completely new place. It must be hard to go into work today for these guys and not know if they are going to be there still by the end of the day. Then again, maybe that is a small sacrifice for bringing home a couple million dollars a year.

Then I got to thinking about how thankful I am that our industry doesn’t work that way. How different would things be if one day a year companies were in a big panic to trade employees around in an effort to make themselves more competitive, efficient and profitable. Do I work harder to make myself indispensable? Or does my hard work make me worth more in a trade? Do I slack off so I’m not trade worthy? Or would that see me going somewhere else in exchange for a new fax machine?

The point here is to be thankful for where you work. We all work hard but in comparison to athletes the sacrifices many of us make in our own jobs are small. Sure they make a lot more money, but would you want to get the call that you're moving 1,500km and you need to be there full time tomorrow? I know I wouldn’t.