How is Your Church Using Facebook? - Radiant

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Posted by Ray Majoran

This weekend, Facebook announced that it has reached 175 million active users (a number far less than its actual registered users). 175 million users is a lot of people! "If Facebook were a country, it would be the eighth most populated in the world, just ahead of Japan, Russia, and Nigeria”, says CEO Mark Zuckerberg. So my question for you is this: How is your church using Facebook? Are you using it as an outreach tool; and inreach tool; not at all? And what are some things that you would recommend to other churches looking to leverage Facebook?

I’ll start by giving you an example of one way that we’ve used Facebook. Most people know about Google AdWords, but not many churches know about Facebook advertising. Did you know that using Facebook's advertising program, you can advertise to any region or demographic? So if you wanted to advertise your church to all Facebook users that lived in your city, you could! We use Facebook to advertise AdvancedMinistry, and dollar for dollar, it outperforms Google AdWords by about 500%.

Let’s hear your experiences with Facebook.