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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

“Holistic” is a word that might have some negative connotations to Christians. I know my first interaction with it was in a post-secondary context and it was used to refer to holistic health and wellness and many of the concepts introduced in that class unit were contrary to my beliefs as a Christian.

But I believe that the word and the concept still have their place. One such place is in the world of corporate or organizational communications. The word “holistic” is derived from the Greek word “holos”, and it connotes the idea of completion, or considering the ‘whole’ of a given entity. Although we don’t specifically use the phrase “holistic communications” around the office here, we do strongly advocate an approach to communications that is holistic.

No aspect of your communications, or even your organization, is outside the reach of what you communicate to your audience(s). You can go ahead and send out an 8-page glossy booklet that explains in moving images and powerful verbiage the importance of what your ministry or non-profit does, but if someone was to talk to your accounting department on the phone, would they sense the same passion and vision in that person as they did in the brochure?

If not, then there’s a disconnect in what you’re communicating. The downside is that the validity and authenticity of your messaging in the glossy booklet that you’ve taken so much time to create is undermined. Worse yet, it’s indicative of a lack of passion and clarity of purpose across your organization and that is the real concern.