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Posted by Ray Majoran

Awhile back, I was asked to write an article for Christian Computing Magazine on the “church and its communications strategies” (or lack thereof). The overall point to the article is that if Christ is the greatest communicator of all time, why aren’t we following His example?  The first two paragraphs of the article are as follows:

I often wonder why Christian organizations don’t take branding and marketing seriously. I hear responses that range from, “We don’t have the time to waste on branding or marketing”; to “We don’t really see a need for it.” My response: Really?

Throughout the course of each week, I have the opportunity to visit Christian websites, and occasionally get pleas in the mail to provide financial support to various organizations. Don’t get me wrong – some ministries are doing a good job, but 9 times out of 10, I’m appalled by the level of professionalism that I see in each communications effort. Why is that? In a world where many times you only get one chance to share your message with an individual, why do churches and ministries fail to communicate properly beyond the pulpit?

I kindly invite you to read the full article, Lessons from the Greatest Communicator of all Time (Adobe PDF format) and comment as you see fit.