Blogs Christians Like - Part 1 - Radiant

The Radiant Blog

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

As the dust has settled for me from the post-Christmas catch-up period, I finally had opportunity over the past few days to also play catch-up on my blog reading – something I woefully neglected over the holidays and the past few weeks. But I’m actually quite thankful for it because even though playing catch up on 25+ blogs is a time-consuming process, it’s actually led to a really interesting revelation.

Before I get to my revelation, let me clarify one thing. Blogging is a wonderful medium, but it presents some challenges. Not the least of which is that on a daily basis, we are posting incomplete thoughts – parts of the whole. Of course, the daily-digest format of blogging is perfect for our sound bite/information-heavy culture, and so our hope is that as you read the Xpiritmental blog, you will take any given post in the context of all the other posts we’ve written.

But as I’ve played catch-up today on one blog in particular, I was struck by some things that I think I would have missed had I kept up with it on a day-to-day basis.

The blog I’m referring to is the Stuff Christians Like (SCL) blog. If you don’t know it, let me start off by putting out a really clear endorsement for it. Stuff Christians Like is one of, if not the best blog that I read. The idea behind the blog is to poke fun at the Christian sub-culture and the quirky little habits and phrases we do and say.

Recently, the Stuff Christians Like blog was ranked third in a list of 60 of the “world’s most popular church blogs written by many of today’s most influential church leaders, theologians, and Christ followers.” That ranking has much to do with the traffic and engagement of people with the blog which is a really valid measurement system. But the things that hit me today were the answers to the questions: Why are so many people signing up and contributing to the community around this blog (especially considering that it’s not even a year old)? AND What is Jon Acuff (the primary author of SCL) doing right?

So with that tidbit of blogging truth in paragraph two and the endorsement of SCL directly above, I’m going to stop here for today and let you digest those questions for yourself. Have a read of the SCL blog and do some thinking about why you feel it’s succeeding in what has quickly becoming a cluttered and busy space (Christian blogs).

I’ll be back tomorrow with my thoughts and responses to any comments you all have to this post.