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A Fresh Start

Posted by Brian Klassen

Fresh Opportunities

Every year seasons change. Some start, some end and some start again.

In church and ministry it’s the same thing. Every September, ministries look into the new season with anticipation and excitement. People have returned from their summer season ready to jump in, full force – and that is perfectly fine. In fact, if you are ready and prepared, you can take advantage of this new energy.

Internally, people are ready to go and make a difference. They know this is the time and have mentally readied themselves to work hard and get it done. Equally as important is your audience. They have come back from summer and are now ready to make some changes. It may be a new level of participation, a new level of listening or even a new attitude regarding giving of both time and money.

So what should ministry leaders do about this? Strike while the iron is hot. Get organized quickly (probably should have already been done), hand out assignments and let your people fly. You’ll be surprised at how much you get done and how receptive audiences are.

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to see how this can affect your entire ministry year.

Start strong, build momentum, maintain momentum and change lives all under the umbrella of who God made you to be and what He made you to do.

If you need help clarifying this very important foundational point from which all things flow, we would be happy to help.

God bless.