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Posted by Ray Majoran

Last week we had the opportunity to feature London Christian Academy’s Radiant WebTools website. This week, we would like to highlight the new site for Stony Plain Alliance Church.

Stony Plain Alliance Church (SPAC) has been using Radiant WebTools for almost 7 years.  A few months ago, we were asked by SPAC if we would be willing to design a Radiant WebTools 4.0 custom template for them that would suit their brand. In response, we designed what you see today—a website that speaks to SPAC’s target audience.   

SPAC has done a phenomenal job customizing every page with imagery that speaks to their brand. (Great work, Lise and team!) :)

One of the unique features about the design is that they’ve segmented their navigation into five main sections: I’m New, Up, In, Out and Resources. Each section is color-coordinated accordingly and carried through on corresponding pages within the website.

Visit Stony Plain Alliance Church's website here

SPAC will also be releasing a Radiant WebTools mobile app in the next few weeks, which will be available on the iTunes and Google Play Android stores.  The mobile app feature (available to all Radiant WebTools customers) syncs media, events and more right to a mobile app so that your congregation has quick access to important information.

If you would like Radiant to design a custom template for your organization, or would like to make use of a customized syndicated mobile app for your congregation, contact us and we would be happy to help!